Friday, November 18, 2011

Elephant Parade Singapore 2011

162 Elephant Parade Singapore 2011 elephants photographed in situ.

#01 WE LOVE MOSHA by Diana Francis. Singapore Zoo.

#01 Little injured Mosha was the inspiration that started the Elephant Parade internationally.

#02 RAINFOREST ZOO-PHANT by Singapore Zoo. Singapore Zoo.

#03 PINK PARADISE by Opas Chomchean. Singapore Zoo.

#04 LOVE & PROTECT by MINDS. Singapore Zoo.

#05 LOVE SONG by Jane Veveris Callan. Singapore Zoo.

#06 TRUTH by Aekapong Toonkeuar. Singapore Zoo.

#07 SINGACAT by Sakchai Pengprakon. Singapore Zoo.

#08 BEAUTIFUL by Benjawan Sanggeunchai. Singapore Zoo.

#09 MASQUERADE by Wanchalerm Mueanpang. Singapore Zoo.

#10 JOY by Chawala Chaiyung. Singapore Zoo.

#11 INDIGO WRAP by Noppawan Nuansiri. Singapore Zoo.

#12 SMILE by Pimchanok Janjaiwong. Singapore Zoo.

#13 FORGET-ME-NOT AKA HENRY by Kristal Melson. Singapore Zoo.

#14 LUCK by Lakkana Taboon. Singapore Zoo.

#15 TAMTEH by Yusof Gajah. Singapore Zoo.

#16 TRUST by Jutharat Chaichana. Singapore Zoo.

#17 OHM by Boonpachart Thaiwong. Singapore Zoo.

#18 YIN & YANG by Htairat Waikaew. Sinhapore Zoo.

#19 SAFARI by Srinapha Sauepthong. Singapore Zoo.

#20 KASASTRA by Wilairat Tano. Singapore Zoo.

#21 ELEFISH! by PSA Group HR and Corporate Affairs Team. Singapore Zoo.

#22 FLOWER OF LOVE by Kesorn Mueanpang. Singapore Zoo.

#23 ELEPHANT IN BLACK AND GRAY by Dina Reah Gadia. Singapore Zoo.

#24 REGREEN (RED & GREEN) by Suzlee Ibrahim. Singapore Zoo.
#25 WHITE TIGER by Sakchai Pengprakon. Singapore Zoo.

#26 VANDA MISS JOAQUIM by Tanom Kongchan. Singapore Botanic Garden.

#27 BLESSING by Nipon Kaewkumdee. Singapore Botanic Garden.
#28 KIRIMEK by Jim Thompson Design Studio. Jim Thompson Restaurant.

#29 PEEK A BOO by Diana Francis. Forum The Shopping Mall

#30 EURAISY by DAiS. Forum The Shopping Mall
#31 REVENGE OF THE ANIMALS by Majoko. Singapore Art Museum. (Originally from Wheelock Place)

#32 LACEY by Om Mee Ai. Wheelock Place

#37 INCREDIPHANT by Justin Lee CK.  ION Orchrd

#38 PAUL FRANK by Mike Smith. ION Orchard

#39 PRINCESS ELLIE by Mtthew Campbell Laurenza. ION Orchard

#40 SOMMAR by Prints. ION Orchard
#44 SLEEPING CHILD by Mavis Khoo-Oei. Goodwood Park Hotel.

#43 GAJAH by Nadya Hutagalung. Goodwood Park Hotel.

#42 HOUSEMATE MIA by Janet Balbarona. Goodwood Park Hotel.

#41 BOBO by Chico Chicano. Goodwood Park Hotel.

#33 THE NAUGHTY AND THE ELEPHANT by Carrie Chau. Orchard Road

#34 BULAN by Memento Mori. Orchard Road

#35 PAVONIA by Rebecca Sutherland. Orchard Road

#36 SIGNS OF LIFE by John Van Hammersveld. Orchard Road

#60 NONG MAI  by Attasit Aniwatchon. Paragon Shopping Centre

#59 RAOUL by Odie & Douglas Benjamin. Paragon Shopping Centre

#57 ALL DRESSED UP by Tina Tan-Leo. Paragon Shopping Centre
#58 STARBURST by Paul Smith. Paragon Shopping Centre.
#61 BABY PARAGON by Sun Yu-Li. Paragon Shopping Centre.

#62 RE-BIRTH by Noriko Suzuki-Bosco. Paragon Shopping Centre
(Work in progress as on 22 Nov 2011)
#62 RE-BIRTH by Noriko Suzuki-Bosco. Paragon Shopping Centre.
(Work in progress as on 24 Nov 2011)
#62 REBIRTH by Noriko Suzuki-Bosco. Paragon Shopping Centre.

#55 FREE SPIRIT by Leona Lewis. Tang Plaza

#53 UNCLE ELEPHANT BUA-JOOM by Chor Boogie. Tang Plaza

#48 LET'S PLAY by Peera Bangkae. Tang Plaza

#52 E HAPPY by Ratchakrit Wichaiyo. Tang Plaza

#56 CHRISTMAS BAUBLES by Tangs. Tang Plaza

#49 WORTH TO BE DUTCH by Hollandsche Waaren. Tang Plaza

#47 FRANNY by Emma Kemp. Tang Plaza

#46 HARRY by Cat Deeley. Tang Plaza

#45 SHIVAKARI by Katrina Read. Tang Plaza
#54 PRETTY & PINK by Sabine Roemer. Tang Plaza.

#50 YUNNAN by Fifi Bijoux. Tang Plaza,

#51 RED HAPPINEZ by Rasamee Kongchang. Tang Plaza
#63 SINGAPORE ELE-DRAGON by Jamie Paul. Vue Privee Bideford Road

#65 ELEFUNK by Blue & Joy. Singapore Visitors Centre@Orchard

#64 SA-NOOK WITH THE ELEPHANT by Ong Tedwin. Singapore Visitors  Centre@Orchard

#66 ATLANTA by Aston Martin Design. Singapore Visitors Centre@Orchard

#67 ONE DEGREE NORTH by Diana Francis. Singapore Visitors Centre@Orchard

#68 LOVE by Chanatda Sosomkob. Singapore Visitors Centre@Orchard

#69 MAPEBO by Mapei Far East. Singapore Visitors Centre@Orchard

#79 HAATHI MERE SAATHI by Farhad Hussain. Singapore Art Museum.

#80 GAJAH ASWATAMA by Indieguerillas. Singapore Art Museu,.

#81 SANTAN by Ben Cabrera. Singapore Art Museum.

#78 WHITE ELEPHANT by Allan Balisi. Singapore Art Museum.

#75 VOLUMN by Gwon Osang. Singapore Art Museum.

#76 ELEPHANTASM by Ronald Ventura. Singapore Art Museum.
#76 The live beating heart of ELEPHANTASM

#77 THE ELEG(PH)ANT CAGE by Andrea & Luca Di Cesare. Singapore Art Museum.
#82 BABY EMILY by Sun Yu-Li. Singapore Philatelic Museum.

#84 HAPPINESS by Wilaiwan Kaewdum. Fort Canning Park.

#83 MY ROOM by Ifon Wisandetch. Fort Canning Park.

#92 NELLIE byHenry Holland. raffles Place Green.

#89 HANDLE WITH CARE by Alexandra Nechita. Raffles Place Green.
#122 DEEP INSIDE by Sohn Jinah. Raffles Place Green (Originally from Marina Bay Boulevard)

#91 LITTLE HAIRY by Jalaini Abu Hassan. Raffles Place Green.

#87 SPACE FOR THE THREE ALPHABETS by Ay Tjoe Christine. Raffles Place Green.

#88 SEE WITHOUT SEEING by Taweesak Molsawat. Raffles Place Green.

#86 ORANGEPHANT by Nat Posila. Raffles Place Green.

#93 NUTS OVER ELEPHANTS by Max Kong. Raffles Place Green.
#94 BAKER & MCKENZIE by Chakrit Choochalerm. Raffle Place Green.
#85 STOP ASIANS AHEAD by Ketna Patel. Raffles Place Green.
#85 STOP ASIANS AHEAD. Side view.

#95 LEATHER TRUNK by Amy Thng & Laura Tang. Republic Plaza
#70 SIEGFRIED by Andre Tempel. 313@Somerset

#71 DADA, THE SURREALIST ELEPHANT by Rosihan Dahim. 313@Somerset.

#72 ZELDA ZELLIPHANT by Dick Lee. 313@Somerset
#74 A CIRCLE OF LIFE by Noppawan Nuansiri. 313@Somerset
#96 NOT FORGOTTEN by Michael Han & Kiat. Asian Civilisations Museum.

#97 TIMELESS CHIC by Asawin Saelo. Asian Civilisations Museum.
#98 BULA byArturo Sanchez Jr. Asian Civilisation Museum.
#99 GAJAH TIDUR by Hamir bin Soib @ Mohamed. Asian Civilisation Museum.

#99 GAJAH TIDUR after skin graft surgery due to poachers' damage.
#100 PRECIOUS by Ahmad Zakii Anwar. Asian Civilisation Museum. 

#103 MIN KWAN NAKORN PING by Jharatpong. Asian Civilisations Museum.

#101 TRANSLATED VASE BABY ELEPHANT by Yeesookyung. Asian Civilisations Museum.
#102 TRIUMPH OF UNITY by Sona Mirzaei & Per Hillo. Asian Civilisation Museum.

#73 HELLAPHUNT by Ricky Gervais. 313@Somerset

#133 CHERRY PHANT by Jahan Loh. One Raffles Quay.

#134 NATURE'S PRIDE by Sarkasi Said. One Raffles Quay.

#132 GAJAH SANGKRING by Putu Sutawijaya. One Raffles Quay.
#112 MAGNIFICENT BARBAR-IAN by Solange Azagury-Patridge. Fullerton Hotel Heritage Gallery.

#114 WISDOM by Amnard Sa-ngawong. Marina Bay Boulevard The Promontory.

#115 SINGAPORE SKYLINE by Wanchalern Meanpang. Marina Bay Boulevard The Promontory.

#116 AI BUIN by Dipo Andy. Marina Bay Boulevard The Promontory.

#117 elePORT by PSA Group & Corporate Affairs Team. Marina Bay Boulevard The Promontory.

#118 MOTHER by Sharul Amir. Marina Bay Boulevard The Promontory.

#119 HUMAN by Kamol Tamsriwan. Marina Bay Boulevard The Promontory.

#121 ART ANGELS by Very Special Arts Singapore. Marina Bay Gallery

#120 PEACE byWijittra Padoung. Marina Bay Gallery.

#90 DAMAGED DUMBO by Renato L.Barja Jr. Marina Bay Sands (Originally from Raffles Place Green)

#123 DON'T FORGET by Glen Goei. Marina Bay Sands.

#124 GIDDO by Bobby Chinn & Le Quang Ha. Marina Bay Sands.

#125 MEDICATION FOR THE SOUL by Jirapat Tatsanasomboon. Marina Bay Sands.
#126 STARRY STARRY by Francis Ng. The Art House.

#127 MONTY by Aston Martin Design. Marina Bay Sands.

#129 HARMONY by Khempan Soysang. Esplanade.

#131 SELFNESS by Nathaporn Potha. Esplanade.

#128 SAVING RICHARD III by Gaurav Kripalani. Esplanade.

#130 NATURE SOUND by Luka Boonkerd Kaewdee. Esplanade.

#105 TEMASEK by Ratchakrit Wichaiyo. Merlion Park.

#104 THE CALLIGRAPHIC ELEPHANT by S.R. Nathan. Merlion Park.

#111 MANGROVE by Marisa Keller. One Fullerton. 

#110 SWAMPY JANE by Joss Stone. One Fullerton.

#109 LONG LIFE by Issarapong Horathapan. One Fullerton.

#108 DELIGHTFUL DURIAN by Nat Posila & Ed Robinson. One Fullerton.

#106 IKONS by Karim Rashid. One Fullerton.

#107 YOU & I by Victor Tan. One Fullerton.

#113 ALL TOGETHER NOW by Simond Chew. Fullerton Hotel South Plaza.

#135 UNICELEPHANT by Philip Treacy. VivoCity TANGS

#137 ROSES DELIGHT byPimprapa Dumde. VivoCity

#138 NANA by Bobby Chinn & Le Quang Ha. VivoCity

#139 SIR RICHARD THE III by Rupert Grint. VivoCitty

#141 MISS MALAYSIA by Nut Thamrongpittayanan. VivoCity

#136 JIMMY by Cristiano Cascelli. VivoCity.

#142 MISS CHINA by Nut Thamrongpittayanan. VivoCity.

#143 QI (BREATH OF LIFE) by Frances Allebias. VivoCity.

#145 LOTUS SUTRA by Nandita Chaudhuri. VivoCity.

#140 MISS INDIA by Nut Thamrongpittayanan. VivoCity.

#144 HENNAPHANT by Jonathan Ching. VivoCity.

#146 ABRIL by Eva Armisen. VivoCity.

#147 LEGHILACQUARAMA by Rabarama. VivoCity.

#148 LIVES TO SHARE, LIVES TO SPARE by Laura Seeley. VivoCity.

#149 BIMBS by Jaime Pacena II. VivoCity.

#150 ELEPHANT MEMORY by Sonny Liew. VivoCity.

#151 LILY by Eric Foenander.VivoCity

#152 BROKEN PIXELS by WORKS. VivoCity.

#153 ELE FUN-ASIA by Ye Ruoshi. VivoCity.

#154 THE ELEPHANT AND THE CAT by Paul Koh. VivoCity.

#155 HAPPINESS MAXIMUS by William Sim. VivoCity.

#156 ELEPHANT ANGELS by Mindflyer. VivoCity

#160 TURTLEFAN by Opas Chomchean. VivoCity

#157 PUNK by Narong Wannasa. VivoCity.

#158 KEBAYA by Pitakarn Pongwarut. VivoCity.

#159 AMAZON by Thiti Suwan. VivoCity.
#161 BLINK OF AN EYE by Tembusu College NUS. Tembusu College, University Town, NUS.

#162 PRECIOUS TIES by Tembusu College NUS. Tembusu College, University Town, NUS.

These elephants are not part of the official Elephant Parade Singapore 2011 but were found wondering with the herd at Tang.  Work hard guys, maybe next year they'll make you part of the parade.

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  1. Fantastic! 2 thumbs up. Looks like you managed to shot nearly all the elephants. Just a qn. In the official map, there was 2 elephants at Wheelock place. Did you manage to find the 2nd elephant?

  2. Thanks Paul.

    The missing one at Wheelock Place that you referred to, #31 Revenge of the Animals, was damaged (vandalised) as it was made of papier-mache. It is in the animal hospital now and will be displayed at the Singapore Art Museum after it is healed. Should be before 1st December, according to the Elephant Parade organisers.

    The other damaged elephant at the Asia Civilisation Musem, #99 Gajah Tidur, should also be returned to its place about the same time.

  3. Thanks for the update, James.

    I'm trying to shoot as many of the elephants as I can before they are all moved to Botanic Garden.

  4. Hello Paul,
    If you are reading this, you might want an update?
    The damaged #31 Revenge of the Animals will be displayed at SAM from 7 Dec, while the repaired #99 Gajah Tidur will be back at ACM on the same date as well

    Hope this helps you in yr quest to complete your shoot of all 162 animals.

  5. Hi fellow Elephant Parade enthusiast.

    Last Saturday I was at the Esplanade area but couldn't locate #130 NATURE SOUND. Instead, in its place, I found #71 DADA, THE SURREALIST ELEPHANT (which I've shot at 313).

    There are a lot movements here and there.

  6. Hello Xenophober,
    Yes I believe they are moving some to 'safer' locations due to 'wear and tear' or more likely vandalism.
    You might be interested to know that Starry Starry which is supposed to be at MBS is actually at The Art House, which is not listed in any of the official brochures.

  7. Hi Xenophober

    Nature Sound has been shifted to 313 Somerset.

    Other changes I know: Deep Inside (#122) shifted from MBS to Raffles Place. Damaged Dumbo (#90) Shifted from Raffles Place to MBS.

    A few missing pieces (appreciate any leads)

    #50 Yunnan (Not at Tangs Plaza)
    #62 Re-Birth (Not at Paragon when I was there 5 Dec but was told it would be shifted to main entrance)

    James, thanks for the update on #31 and #99. I was appalled to learn that some pieces (#98 #100?) at the ACM was at the paid exhibition area. Not that I'm a cheapo but my focus is not on the other ACM exhibits so I really dun want to pay $8 just to shoot 2 elephants :P

  8. Hi Paul,

    Yes, Deep Inside and Damaged Dumbo swap places right from the beginning (Raffles Place<>MBS). They assisted with this change by placing a notice on the plaques.

    Yunnan IS at Tangs. Its at the side door facing Lucky Plaza. I had some difficulty looking for it too (and the staff not too helpful sadly) but managed to spot it by chance on the way out.

    'Rebirth' at Paragon has been sent for protective clear coating paintwork after the paper glue dried. It was actually on display for a few days immediately after the live painting. If it takes about the same time for the paint to dry, then I presume it should be back at the main entrance beside the other live painted 'Baby Paragon' which came back a week after it was finished on site by the artist. They are not out on the street but by the main glass doors (behind the golden black Christmas Tree).

    Yea, like you, I also refused to pay to enter ACM to shoot the 3 elephants (#98 #100 #102) inside! I'll wait for it to be moved to Botanic Garden next month. There are 3 outside ACM, including the repaired Gajah Tidur, 1 inside the entrance foyer and 1 upstairs foyer which you can go up without paying the entry fee. (So total 5 for free)

    Worse is the single one at the Philatelic Museum (#82 Baby Emily). You can see the elephant from the foyer. It's just about 10 feet from the barrier but you got to pay $5 to cross the barrier. The staff were also unhelpful when I ask if I could just take a picture of the elephant. No, you got to pay the entrance fee! So I just said stuff it and walked up to Fort Canning to shoot the other 2 there.

  9. I am still contemplating whether to go to the zoo?
    Its not the fee but the distance and time required to walk round the park!

  10. By the way, you DON'T need to pay the $10 entrance fee at SAM to see the elephants as it's not inside the art galleries. Just tell the reception you want to see only the elephants and they'll let you pass. Alternatively, just enter SAM via the Museum Shop, walk through it and out the other side door, take the lift on the right of the shop to Level 2. The elephants are in a room beside the lift. Just be aware that Elephantasm is in another special darkened room beside the other elephants and you might miss it as it is not obvious that there is another room there.

  11. The staff at SAM are really helpful, kind and above all understanding. I am quite disgusted with the staff from the Philatelic Museum, it's just an elephant we want to shoot. Maybe you should bring a zoom lens and shoot behind the barrier. :)

    I was fortunate on the 27th Nov it's open house at Philatelic Museum and I get to enter free (although there's not much of interest to me besides the elephant).

    James you are good. Already 130 elephants captured! I'll be visiting the zoo this Sunday. Praying for good weather!!!

  12. Hi James + Xenophober

    Thanks for the leads, updates and tips espectially on the Philatelic Museum and SAM. Very helpful.

    Looks like another trip to Tangs is in order (My 3rd in 2 weeks!) :P

  13. Hi guys

    Just some quite update after a day of elephant shooting.

    #50 Yunnan is really gone from Tang Plaza. Its no longer at the entrance facing Lucky Plaza

    #62 Re-Birth is still not put up at Paragon

    #31 Revenge of the Animals is indeed at SAM but now #77 The Eleg(ph)ant Cage is now gone.

    #99 Gajah Tidur is back at SAM.

    Still need to tally the rest of my shoot for today but the number of elephants was correct for ORQ, Marina Promontory and Marina Bay City Gallery.

  14. Thanks Paul,

    Sorry if I had misled you on a wild elephant chase to Tangs for Yunnan. It was there last Friday when I was at Orchard Road. By the glass door facing Lucky Plaza (oops, the elephant was inside by the glass door, not outside, did you look inside?) If you did, then they must have moved it.

    I was down at ACM this afternoon and snapped #31 Revenge of the animals and you are right, #77 is gone. They also swap positions with Elephantasm and White Elephant. White elephant is now inside the darkened room, which is apt for its name.

    Guess what, I went to Philatelic Museum again on the chance that maybe if I asked again, they might just like me take a shot. They did. They were nicer this time (different person).

    I have done all the elephants from the city now. All that's left are the 25 from the zoo.

  15. I did it! What joy and sheer satisafaction!
    Today I shot the last of the 162 elephants at the Singapore Zoo.
    My photo collection of them in situ is complete.

    The shoot at the zoo was the most difficult as the 25 elephants located there were scattered all over the 28 hectares of the zoo compound. But it was fun trying to locate each one, almost like you're on a big game safari.

    Next is to photograph them all together when all 162 are moved to Botanic Garden for one last gathering before being auction off for charity.

  16. Good job completing the hunt James! Tomorrow is my visit to the ZOO. Hope I don't have to walk in circle to capture all 25 of them!

    Slight update (as of 10 Dec):
    #50 Yunnan is STILL at Tangs Orchard. Enter through where #56 Christmas Baubles are, look to your LEFT. It's by the staircase.

    #77 The Eleg(ph)ant Cage is at Wheelock Place now. It was swapped with #31 Revenge of the Animals.

    #99 Gajah Tidur - Where is it?? I didn't see it when I was at SAM. :(

  17. Sorry forgot to update on #62 Re-Birth. Paul, it's already up at Paragon. It's by the main entrance, side-by-side with #61 Baby Paragon

  18. Xenophober,
    #99 Gajah Tidur is not at the SAM. It's at the ACM.
    It's on the green beside the path between Cavenaugh Bridge to the ACM entrance.

  19. James

    *kudo* Great job!


    Sorry for the typo on #99 Gajah Tidur. It was indeed at ACM and not SAM. Thanks for the update on #50 and #77. Do you know if #62 is finally back at Paragon?

    Guess I have to make another trip to Tangs on Monday. #50 is damn elusive for me. :)

  20. Ahhh so #99 Gajah Tidur is at ACM. I need to go back for it. Good thing I stay nearby. :)

    #62 has been in Paragon all along, Paul. The first time I went there about 2 weeks ago it was being work on, staff from Muji are pasting the paper all over. That time it was done inside Paragon (the side door where the elephants are). After they applied a layer of coating it is displayed permanently in front of the main entrance where #61 Baby Paragon is.

    Make sure you get #50 this time. You won't want to go back for the 4th round. :)