Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The old Gombak Nature Trail

A favourite spot for photographers !

The old Gombak Trail IS closed !

The old Trail starts beside the Gombak Stadium

View from the trail at Gombak side.

Gombak Stadium

View from the cliff top above Guilin Lake. (Photo pre-2008)
The Gammon Quarry before its conversion as the Little Guilin lake.
Photo taken in 1983 by Peter Chan.

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

St Joseph Church Cemetery 1846-1984.

The 1905 St Joseph Church with the cemetery at the rear. Photo taken around 1960.

St Joseph Church Bukit Timah c. 2012. After the renovations.

Tombstone of Fr Anatolius Mauduit, 1st parish priest 1846-1858.

Grave marker of Fr Joseph Etienne Alibert, MEP, missionary in Hainan Island China,
Died 8 Feb 1868 buried at St Joseph Cemetery
Fr Joseph Alibert (left) taken in China in 1860
with his companion Fr Louis Jolly.
Rev Gustave Louis Derenne, MEP missionary in Cochin China (Vietnam)
died in Singapore 8 December 1870.

Rev Claude Tisserand, MEP missionary from Penang/Malacca
died in Singapore 26 June 1870.

Rev Alexandre Blanchet, MEP, died Singapore 16 Jan 1896.

Rev Fr  Rene Girard MEP, died Singapore 26 July 1978.

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