Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The old Gombak Nature Trail

A favourite spot for photographers !

The old Gombak Trail IS closed !

The old Trail starts beside the Gombak Stadium

View from the trail at Gombak side.

Gombak Stadium

View from the cliff top above Guilin Lake. (Photo pre-2008)
The Gammon Quarry before its conversion as the Little Guilin lake.
Photo taken in 1983.

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  1. plse show pictures of the trail ending at Chu Lin Road re thickness of undergrowth since etc...Not sure if it s overgrown. (march 2014)

  2. walked up 150meters but turned back as I was solo hiker... not sure if the trail to Chu Lin is still intact (march 2014) .. could some one whom has since hike provide some updates, thanks

  3. The old trail ending at Chu Lin Road, as far as I know, was cut off due to the landslides.
    However, there is a track that was created towards Chua Chu Kang that was used during the grouting of the landslide area. You can access this new track via the slope at the back of the HDB blocks at BB West Ave 5. Use Google Earth for an aerial view and you can see the new zigzag road towards the old Chu Lin landslide area.

  4. Here's an old write up on the trail.

  5. Entered the bt gombak trail on sat 05 apr 2014 for geocache. Never knew about tis trail all my life! I have Geocache to thanks!!!

  6. Entered the bt gombak trail on sat 05 apr 2014 via side of e stadium n went out via chu lin rd. Never knew the trail exist all my life! Thks to Geocache for giving me a chance to explore spore off the beaten path !