Sunday, January 1, 2012

Memories at Old Ford Factory

The Old Ford factory was Singapore 1st car assembly plant built in 1941.

The modern building at the entrance is not part of the heritage museum
but was built and previously used for the Singapore Archives.

The old Ford factory is better known as the location where the British surrendered to the Japanese Army in 1942

British Battle Plan for the defence of Singapore in the Bukit Timah area 1942

The Old Ford Factory was converted to a heritage Museum in 2006

Bust of Lt-Gen Yamashita, Commander of Japanese Forces S.E. Asia

Lt-Gen A.E. Percival, G.O.C, signed the surrender document

The actual room where the surrender document was signed.

One for the record.  Photo taking after the signing.
Lt-Gen Arthur Percival (2nd from right) & Lt-Gen Yamashita (4th from right)

The same location today.
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